Saga Shop Winter 2019

40 Icelandair Stopover Thanks to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can share your travel experience with the world. Check out this selection of recent images from our passengers who tagged their pictures with the #MyStopover tag. Pretty great, right? In upcoming issues, we will feature the best pics by users who include the #MyStopover tag. Happy snapping! Please note that by using the #MyStopover hashtag, you are granting us permission to use your image in our magazine or on our social media channels. Join us A THOUSAND WORDS So blue, like a waterfall of ice-cold Slurpee. Bruarfoss was possibly my favorite waterfall, minus the experience of getting my fingers sliced by the drone’s propellers there and having plastered up fingers for the rest of the trip. Any sort of thumb-printing and phone swiping actions were (painfully) impossible tasks. I judithyeoh I Judith Yeoh Day 1: 10.08.18. Lasset ein neues Abenteuer beginnen I t.rex.b I Tim-Robin Burghardt Don't get lip-injections. Go to Silfra and book a 45 minute snorkeling tour in water that's 2 degrees Celsius and nature will handle the rest … Pic from yesterday. Thank you for this magical experience! I exxalovahusky_privat I Jennie Ericsson Moss Mountain I d_r_reed I Dan Reed More ice. I kittykeep I Kitty Keep