Saga Shop Winter 2019

66 Icelandair Stopover BY SIGRÍÐUR ÁSTA ÁRNADÓTTIR. ILLUSTRATIONS BY ALFREÐ I. A. PÉTURSSON AND KIDZINFLIGHT. Mosi the ram was excited and just couldn’t stop talking. “And don’t forget your woolens. The winter arrives even earlier up North,” he reminded his friends for the umpteenth time that day. “We’ll certainly try not to forget you!” Flóki the raven said, teasingly. Everyone laughed. They were really looking forward to their winter trip to Mývatn, one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. On the way up North, Mosi was brimming with information about his home region. “Lake Mývatn is famous for its rich birdlife. One of the reasons they all love it there is that there are so many flies for them to eat. In fact, the lake takes its name from the flies—Lake of the Midges.” “Well, I’m happy it’s winter now,” Freyja said. “I don’t like flies.” “Most of them don’t bite anyway,” Mosi said, reassuringly. When the friends arrived at Mývatn, they noticed right away how special the landscape was. “This is called a pseudocrater,” Mosi told them as he proudly positioned himself on top of a special-looking hill. “They are formed when hot lava flows over watery ground and creates steam explosions.” “Wow!” said Katla. “I’d love to see that.” “You’re more than 2,000 years too late for that,” said a laughing voice behind them. They all turned around to see a fuzzy and friendly green figure standing behind them. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Loftur, one of the local lake balls.” Lake balls? The friends looked baffled. Mosi explained to them that lake balls were extremely rare algae growing in the lake. “That’s right,” said Loftur. “Welcome to Mývatn. In fact, I’m on my way to make delicious geothermal bread. Care to tag along?” Katla lightened up. “I’ve heard of those. You bake them in the warm ground next to a hot spring!” The friends eagerly followed their new friend Loftur to a hot spring area. “Please watch your step,” Loftur advised. “The ground can be very dangerous in the geothermal areas.” Loftur discovered that he’d forgotten to bring a spade. “I’ll dig the hole!” Skotta barked enthusiastically and went right to work. Soon the dough, placed inside an empty milk carton, was snugly in the ground. Then it was time for the gang to retire after a very special day at Mývatn. They said good- bye to Loftur and headed home to bed, looking forward to trying a warm slice of bread the next day. If you want to play with the animals of Treasure Iceland, check out our on-board kids’ material. If you didn’t get it already, just ask the friendly flight attendant. CHILDREN’S CORNER: AN ADVENTURE AT LAKE MÝVATN The Icelandic animals from Treasure Iceland are best buddies. One of the things they love most is traveling to new places in Iceland. This time, Mosi the ram is taking them to his home at Lake Mývatn.