Saga Shop Winter 2019

Travel Experience 68 Icelandair Stopover We welcome your feedback on the dining experience on board. Please drop us a line at with any comments. Verði þér að góðu! Bon appétit! No problem. Our new Economy menu has never been more appetizing and varied. Just fish it out of the seat pocket in front of you and order what your heart desires. IS FLYING MAKING YOU FAMISHED? SAGA SHOP KITCHEN Turkey pretzel triangle Honey-roasted turkey, barbecue mayonnaise, fresh salad and red bell peppers in a freshly baked crispy butter pretzel triangle. Chicken Caesar salad sandwich Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, baked tomatoes, avocado and Caesar dressing with parmesan cheese. Tapas snack box Serrano ham, mini fuet, grissini, bruschetta dip and matured Iberico cheese. Tapas snack box + olives + wine. Hamburger Factory burger duet Two juicy hamburgers with cheese and sauce from the Icelandic Hamburger Factory. Hamburgers + Pringles + beer.