Saga Shop Winter 2019

Six New Sets of Wings Come spring, Icelandair’s latest fleet additions will have flown home along with the migratory birds. The first of the six brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 aircraft are scheduled to arrive in January 2019, and the last in April. Something to look forward to, the new aircraft are designed with passenger comfort in mind and to enhance the experience of flying, for example with comfortable LED lighting, less noise pollution, more space and better views—and fuel savings are up to 37% per trip compared to the Boeing 757-200, which currently makes up the bulk of the Icelandair fleet. Like the other aircraft in Icelandair’s fleet, the new planes will all bear the names of Icelandic natural wonders. Please welcome: Hvítserkur , Mývatn , Langjökull , Búlandstindur , Kirkjufell and Landmannalaugar . BOEING 737 MAX 8 BOEING 737 MAX 9 72 Icelandair Stopover NEWS: ICELANDAIR @WORK While enjoying the delights of winter, Icelandair is welcoming the latest additions to its fleet and the one-millionth member of Icelandair Saga Club. COMPILED BY EYGLÓ SVALA ARNARSDÓTTIR. One-Millionth Member Icelandair Saga Club, the loyalty program for Icelandair frequent flyers, is expected to register its one-millionth member soon—and that person will win one million Saga Points! With frequent special offers for members, there are plenty of good reasons to join. From January to March, Saga Club members earn double Saga Points when purchasing items from the Saga Shop Collection on board. You can sign up to Saga Club online through our on board Wi-Fi—it’s free to visit , where you can read about the benefits of the loyalty program, plus how to earn Saga Points and enjoy them with Icelandair as well as with partners all over the world. One Trip, Two Destinations Iceland + Copenhagen , a video by Vincent Urban shot in June 2018, presents the vastness, emptiness and otherworldly landscape of Iceland during almost 24-hour daylight, alongside the vibrant city life, history and exceptional architecture of Copenhagen. Using fast cutting, the video draws comparisons between Icelandic natural phenomena and chic design in the Danish capital, while also highlighting the opposites of a summer’s day in the wild Icelandic nature and a bustling Scandinavian city. Or as Vincent puts it: “This film is a collection of all the contrasting moments and memories we captured.” When you fly Icelandair, you can combine both destinations in one trip from North America by adding a Stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare. Watch the video on the Icelandair YouTube channel and on the in-flight entertainment system. Dettifoss waterfall in North Iceland. A still from the Iceland + Copen- hagen video.