Saga Shop Winter 2019

6 Icelandair Stopover Dear fellow traveler, I often joke that I exist thanks to Icelandair. Thirty-two years ago, my mother met my dad in the small town of Ólafsvík in West Iceland. He was from the North of the country, work- ing as a captain of a fishing boat, and she was a 25-year-old girl from Paris. She had seen an ad about working in Iceland for a few weeks and had decided to give it a go. At the time, Iceland was not as well known as today. We had far fewer visitors and the destina- tion seemed very exotic. Generally, people weren’t aware that Iceland is only a three- hour flight from most of our European gate- ways, even though Icelandair had already offered connections between Europe and North America for decades. Growing up, Icelandair was the only connec- tion between my two home countries. I devel- oped a deep attachment to the airline as it has been part of every big moment of my life. I would fly to Luxembourg and drive to Paris and then later to Paris CDG directly. I was one of those kids traveling on their own, taking care of my little brother, both of us with a unaccompanied minor kit around our necks. I witnessed the progress and expan- sion of Icelandair’s network. Icelandair has 80 years of history with its passengers. To help you have a good time on board, we have prepared a magazine full of exciting content. Film is in focus in this issue. On page 18, we cover the flourishing Icelandic film scene and specifically, the multi-awarded environmental activist movie Woman at War . Danish super- star Mads Mikkelsen, who was honored at the 2018 Reykjavík International Film Festival, discusses survival film Arctic on page 20. In My Location on page 22, we feature Fells- endavatn lake and other locations in Iceland where the film was shot. Hit Icelandic anima- tion Ploey – You Never Fly Alone is covered on page 36, and on page 50 up-and-coming Icelandic actor Hera Hilmar of futuristic thriller Mortal Engines . While dark winter hours are perfect for snuggling up on the couch and watching a good movie, we also recommend other forms of coziness: Good reads on page 12, geo- thermal bathing hotspots on page 24, curious restaurants on page 44 and the lopapeysa , Iceland’s most cherished piece of knitwear on page 52. Winter is a time for outdoor adventures as well: Hunting for northern lights (page 28), playing in the snow (page 56) or surfing the ice-cold North Atlantic (page 10). Also check out our events calendar on page 12 and the Children’s Corner on page 66, where the animals of Treasure Iceland visit the frozen fairytale land at Lake Mývatn. On page 32, you can read about our national team in men’s handball and preparations for the 2019 World Cup. Further afield, we cover winter-warming treats and activities in San Francisco, Denver and Munich on pages 60–65, and on page 48, a tiny town with strong ties to Iceland near Icelandair destination Edmonton, Canada. And remember, when you’re flying between Europe and North America, you can add a Stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare! Whatever you’re looking for in your travel adventure, we seek to inspire. I hope you enjoy your flight with us today, and that you create your own memories while traveling with us. LETTER FROM ICELANDAIR: CREATE YOUR OWN MEMORIES The future is here! As of February 2019, passengers on board TF-ICE Jökulsárlón will be able to surf the web as on the ground with a new and enhanced Wi-Fi experience! Icelandair will be upgrading their on-board gate-to-gate Wi-Fi service with the latest state-of-the-art, high-speed Internet connec- tion from Viasat. It will soon be available on Icelandair’s newest Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, starting with Jökulsárlón in February, and the rest of the 737 MAX fleet will be upgraded through spring 2019. Icelandair has always been considered a pioneer in aviation, and with the new Viasat Wi-Fi we will once again be the leaders in the sky, enabling passengers to watch their favorite movies, stream podcasts and stay better connected while on board their Ice- landair flight. Icelandair is pleased to offer the initial months of service of the Viasat Wi-Fi to passengers free of charge, so that they can experience this world-class service firsthand and provide valuable feedback. Icelandair will monitor the efficiency of the new service as well as customer satisfaction as we continue to find new and innovative ways to best serve our passengers. Read about the Wi-Fi on your flight on page 83 . FLYING INTO THE FUTURE WITH VIASAT WI-FI LEA GESTSDÓTTIR GAYET Communications Manager Europe “Generally, people weren’t aware that Iceland is only a three-hour flight from most of our European gateways, even though Icelandair had already offered connections between Europe and North America for decades.”