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AURORA BOREALIS Uncovering the northern lights. FROM ICELANDAIR’S ARCHIVES. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN HARDMAN. The aurora borealis, or northern lights, have captivated us over the centuries. Throughout history, humans have gazed up in wonder at the iridescent bands of green, red, yellow, pink, purple and white lights swirling around the sky. What Are the Northern Lights? We’ve credited the aurora to gods, spirits and magical creatures. But we now know that it’s the result of high-energy particles from space and the sun slamming into the earth’s magnetic field. These particles leave our star in a steady stream that we call the solar wind, and are also fired from its surface during solar flares. Their impact on our planet’s magnetic field pushes charged particles down into the atmosphere—60 to over 250 mi (100–400 km) above our heads— where they produce a striking variety of shapes and colors. 28 Icelandair Stopover n Snæfellsnes