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Visitor’s Guide


the Mayor

From the Mayor

Dear guest. Welcome

to Reykjavík! I would

like to extend my

warmest welcome and

invite you to spend

some time exploring

our lovely city. Reykjavík is a great city,

not in terms of size or population, but

in terms of people, cultural activity and

proximity to nature.

I urge you to try out our swimming

pools and hot geothermal baths which

are all owned and run by the city.

There you can meet the locals and

they can tell you a thing or two about

where to go and what to do. One of

the qualities of Reykjavík is the close

proximity to nature. We have large city

parks and smaller pocket parks and

squares like every other city does, but

you don‘t have to travel a great dis-

tance in order to experience pure na-

ture and enjoy fresh water straight

from the stream. During the day you

can visit one of our museums, weath-

er to experience world class mod-

ern art or the ancient manuscripts of


I encourage you to take a walk down

to the harbour where you can see how

the fishing and industrial harbour is

intertwined with tourism and culture.

Try a lobster soup or a catch of the

day. Take a walk on the public art-

work Þúfa which represents our cul-

tural heritage in agriculture and fish-

ieries. Harpa Concert Hall rests by the

seafront, a landmark in the city scape

where the concerts are not only sym-

phonic orchestras or operas but also

techno festivals and death metal con-

certs. We celebrate every culture that

grows in the city.

Live music in Reykjavík is every-

where. We have music festivals that

take place about every month or so.

Weather it be small folk music festivals

or large ones that can have a great

impact on our economy like Iceland

Airwaves – Reykjavík is the city of live

music. A wide selection of cafés, small

butiques and restaurants are carefully

situated in the Laugavegur area and if

you would like to see the city from a

broader view, I recommend our public

bus system where you can hop on or

off where you like.

I hope you enjoy your stay. Welcome

to Reykjavík.

Dagur B. Eggertsson


The Irish scholar Dicuíl records that Irish hermit monks have been leaving Ireland to

settle in the island of Thule.