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Visitor’s Guide


Irish monks settle in Papey, a small island off the Eastern

coast of Iceland, to live in peace and solitude.

From the


Visitor’s Guide to

Iceland was first pub-

lished in 1999 and

was only 12 pages

in its first year. Over

the years it has rap-

idly expanded and a range of new

media versions have been launched.

We have also registered the brand in

the European Union and bought the

Internet domains in some 30 countries.

Our plan is to launch or franchise

Visitor´s Guide websites in other mar-

kets and so extend our operations in-

ternationally. To enable us achieve this

goal, we have now entered into a work-

ing partnership with a publishing com-

pany in Iceland. This company already

has a well-established track record, in-

cluding the publishing of their compre-

hensive Iceland Road Guide.

Personally I have travelled to over 50

countries and that has taught me to

appreciate all the more what Iceland

has to offer visitors. I certainly look for-

ward to travelling more, having many

more interesting experiences to relate

and meeting the exciting challenge of

establishing branches internationally.

Hakon Thor Sindrason

Managing Director


in Business Administration

From the


Iceland Road Guide is

a family-based compa-

ny which is a pioneer

in publishing travel

books, maps and Apps

on Iceland. The Iceland

Road Guide has been on the market

for 40 years. The aim of the compa-

ny is to develop up-to-date products

in order to meet the needs of tourists

and clients alike. That is why we are

very proud to add Visitor‘s Guide to our

products. Hope you will enjoy the book

and your stay in Iceland.

Hálfdan Örlygsson